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JAGUAR RECORDS on Nov-27, 2017

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Jaguar Records Formed in 2004, Jaguar Records has been the home to Grime, Hip Hop, Dancehall and R&B artists throughout the UK looking for a break in the industry. From modest beginnings in Lewisham London, Label owner, Singer, Songwriter, Beatmaker and Producer, Nikki Nitro formed the company to develop artists in London. Believing in each artist who approached her studio, Nikki has helped a number of acts to release their raw talent to the masses, many of whom have gone on to become big stars in their own right. 'Jaguar records is a developing label where I like to assist artists and see them mature into great beings. In a time where major labels are unwilling to invest in huge sums of money into artists and to take a chance on launching them into the wider public. Jaguar Records will consider each individual on merit and help to realise their potential.' The intention of Jaguar Records is to highlight local talent; such has been the success of artists coming from the camp, that people the length and breadth of the UK, Europe and America are contacting the company to work with its dynamic CEO. P Money ('Anthemic' 'Pow 2011'), Big Narstie ('When the Bassline Drops' with Craig David), Roachee and Manga from Roll Deep ('Shake a Leg' fame) Juxci D, Sim Simma, Kobain and Don Cotti are just a few names of acts on Jaguar Records portfolio. 'I'm extremely proud of the artists who have worked with Jaguar Records ...