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Krank Records is a Techno label focused on mechanical, forceful, short-and-sharp, deep-dark sounds, tendencies and atmospheres. Now, dark tendencies in electronic music have nothing to do with evil or demons!! Rather, they have to do with the darkest, hidden side of the human being: the inner side. These sounds build stories that re-create an auditive experience where the listener submerges him/herself into the vortical depth of his consciousness. Neither consciousness nor music are motionless things. They are in constant change-evolution-mutation-metamorphosis. After years of listening to Techno music (and the great variety of electronic music), weve come to the realisation that deep, dark sounds change the way senses perceive the outside and inside world, leaving behind them a sonic tattoo that reminds us that changing our inner world from within is possible. Because this music is a mechanism to change ourselves, it is also a powerful weapon to change the world. Get ready to open your eyes, ears and mind to this deep hypnotism. Let Krank Records cogwheel your brain into a deep mental journey!!