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Krome Boulevard Music, based in Montreal, Canada ! #Deep #Jacking #Funky #Chicago #House This series of guests, is brought to you by Krome Boulevard Music ! In collaboration with the best Dj's and Producers in the Underground House Music Scene. But who is Krome? A team who join forces and who enjoy the same dream. Their priority is to offer unique content, with variations of musical styles which clashes of the mass. Present artists from all over the world and local that stands out from their selections and their ways. All this under three musical formats really distinct, the label side of Krome Boulevard Music, the podcasts in free listening and our events here in the city of Montreal. All About Good Sound, Good Vibe & Specially Underground House Music ! Each artist that will be presented are the superstars of Krome Boulevard. All roads lead to Krome and we here to make you dance ! * Contact :