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Liquid Records formed back in the Late 90s and as it was known back then the Liquid Connective made its name from putting on some the biggest and best UK outdoor Psy Trance parties of its time. As the years rolled the Liquid Connective following started to grow, with a host of talented artists providing the soundtracks to these events, the Liquid connective naturally evolved into what we now still know as Liquid Records. Around the middle of the noughties Liquid records is in full swing as fully fledged record label, hosting some the best Psy trance artists known globally, all playing at some of the biggest festivals spreading the Liquid vibe worldwide. It was around this time that the Glade festival formed and asked Liquid Records to host one of the main stages to showcase there now eclectic Psy styles allowing Liquid records to use the Liquid stage as a major launching pad for many of their artists. The Glade festival and Liquid Stage was a major success putting the UK on to the international Psy Trance map and a must for travellers passing through Europe to attend. The Late noughties saw further advancement and evolution which saw Liquid Records forming into a limited company, Liquid Records Ltd. At this point Liquid Records is now seen as a one of the major labels in the Psy Trance world with some of the best Psy trance artists at their disposal. Along with this Liquid had also expanded its horizons covering the many Psy sub genres that have formed over the history o...