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Flat Belly Recordings
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Flat Belly Recordings on Jun-23, 2017

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About Flat Belly Recordings
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Doing exactly what it says on the tin and rolling out with some of the planet's phattest electronica, Flat Belly Recordings hits you with the power of a steam train and the passion of a thousand damsels! Yes, DJ/producer and co-owner of the now well-established 852 Recordings, Ricky Stone 'felt like having another baby', to cater for a slightly more underground club sound. So in May 2008 Flat Belly Recordings was born, kicking 'n' screaming into the house. And with the UK born, Hong-Kong-based Ricky as head honcho, FBR is a project that's packed full of eastern and western promise - a label that's definitely on the right tracks. 'It's all about music that's full of Flat Belly phatness,' explains Ricky. Indeed, with a demanding DJ diary that takes him from Beijing to Buenos Aires, a stream of productions and an army of almost 60,000 MySpace friends, Ricky knows all about building families of like-minded party people. and putting the phat back into house. Ready to be filed under 'house' and 'techno' - and even putting a new spin on that vilified genre 'progressive house' - Flat Belly Recordings is about having fun with the kind of full-bodied future-tronic frequencies that you currently hear ripping across Ricky's dancefloors.