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Mjuzieek Digital is a "Housemusic Only Label" from Austria, set up in 2010 by Austrian DJ, Producer, Club Promoter, Magazine Columnist & Radio Presenter Roland Bartha. The main aim is to establish the brand and it's artists to a wider international audience! Excellent Housemusic made and produced in Austria is right out there, but people are not aware of it, as it hardly leaves the country! To assist this aim, a league of well known international artists and friends has been brought in to ass their touches to the first releases, includibng acts like Mark Simmons; Hagenaar & Albrecht; Robbie Taylor & Benny Royal; Muzzaik; Belocca & Soneec; Lauer & Canard; Blacksoul, Muzikjunki & Marco den Held; Dave Rose; Shadow Stars; Ivan Gomez & Markus DB; Marcos Cruz; Joey aka Jozsef Keller & Pete-R; Alex Guesta; and many more... The musical style of the label is based on full vocal tracks, and is ranging from funky vocal house to traibal house.