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State Unknown
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State Unknown on Feb-26, 2016

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State Unknown is a brand new record label focussing on releasing music you feel and not just hear. With over 20 years experience in the industry, producer and songwriter Ed Case started the brand in October 2012 and aims to deliver quality artists and songs from across all genres. Having himself written and remixed with artists such as Gorillaz and Kt Tunstall , Ed would now like to concentrate on State Unknown to showcase and develop artists we feel should be heard. State-Unknown will be embarking on a journey to touch the masses with music and become one of the best independent labels.A dedicated team of musicians,remixers ,artists, graffic designers ,lawyers and promo team all working seamlessly to bring you the best you can get. Original innovative songs and quality music is what we are all about and we will never stop trying to bring the people what they want. Current artists on the label include The Mayan Project, Sara Lilly, Lui Dodds, Ed Case and Dexcell. We are always looking for extreme talent so if this describes you please get in touch.We hope you enjoy the music on State-Unknown.