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1月26日DICKSTER重庆坚果LiveHouse NUTS LiveHouse
重庆市, China
27.01.2018 at 05:00 AM
GoaProductions crew is elated to have the pleasure of bringing living legend DICKSTER over for his first China tour in January 2018! Two years after his mainland debut at Spirit Tribe the man main is back, loaded with blasting thumpers ready to be unleashed on to our dancefloors. Fresh from his European Summer Season, he will be pulling out all his top draw material that has been rocking festivals all over the world. Dickster is ready to ave'it large once again with us all at NUTS LiveHouse in Chongqing, Friday, January 26th, are you? Don't miss out on catching one of the greatest Psytrance producers of all time, get your 50 RMB presale ticket today through the link below! LINE UP DICKSTER (英国/UK) Nano Records Dick Trevor aka Dickster is a living Psytrance legend, a musical powerhouse engine that has been driving the scene for 21 years now. He is responsible for an insane amount of projects and collaborations, with engineering credits on countless classic hits. He developed his incredibly fat production by being at the cutting edge of Psytrance from the early nineties. Since then he has been constantly producing with projects like the Green Oms, Jumanji (with Eskimo) and his own solo project Dickster as well as countless classic collaborations with artists such as Simon Posford, Tristan, and Lucas. He’s had OVER 4000 releases on more labels than its possible to mention. Check out his Discogs Page and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes! Atoned Splendor (地球/EAR) GoaProductions Psytrance Pete AKA Atoned Splendor has been on a mission to Psychedelify The Middle Kingdom since he arrived here on a galactic star ship from the Alpha Omega quadrant in 2009. The High Council of Consciousness gave him a wave of psychedelic sound resonating from the centre of the universe and charged him with the super serious and highly responsible job of spreading as much cutting edge bouncy bass and super elastic sounds around as possible, in order to balance the vibrational Ying and Yang into a resonating Yong, and thus help humanity realize that they need to get back to the primordial cadence of psychedelic harmony! The effects of his galactic mission can already been seen with huge numbers of people cutting lose the shackles and pressures of life, and releasing themselves body and soul into his galactic healing psychedelic sound waves! If you are having trouble sleeping at night, or can’t quite seem to forget about the pointless of your existence, DON’T WORRY, all you need to do is to dissolve into one of Atoned Splendor’s supersonic beatz and everything will be ok in the morning! Fugui (中国/CN) Yuan Qi Founder and Organizer of the Xiao Yao festival, he devoted many years to Psytrance and the promotion of its culture. He played at the Bamboo festival, Voozoo Festival 2014, at the electronic stage of the Dragon Lake festival and several other events. Satori Snooks (地球/EAR) GoaProductions As part of Spirit Tribe Project, Satori Snooks is based in China to alleviate the suffering of the masses: all work and no play! Shortly after metamorphosing his brain in the transcendent hypercloud of feline-human cyberspace, he realized with crystal-clear clarity: Psytrance is the principal waveform of universal love! In deep meditation he drew from zero-state energies to transmute his alpha-waves into a collective quantum fluctuation – a psychedelic Doppelgänger! His sound originates in spirittribal actuality, a superexcited state of ecstasy - his music is an infinite tensor connecting you with the all-dancing energy of many-worlds! Full-on dominated psychedelic beats turn dull nights into razor-sharp bliss as Satori Snooks has come to blast the yoke of boredom into the mediocre multiverse where it belongs! Decoration Infinite Bizarre VJ Crystal Cortex
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