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2018·08·24@WAIO#Meditative#PSY Trance的奇妙旅行//CLUB MUSE光谷店//
武汉, China
24.08.2018 at 11:59 PM
WAIO, an artist with Brazil and Portugal descent, in his life without passion for music creation, it has become a young revolutionary electronic musicians. After six years old he began to learn violin, his desire to get something more, 13-year-old obsessed electric ? music and decide on electronic route. At The age of 17 years, he was invited to Japan The Gathering Festival (Asia's largest Trance sound 樂 section of yi), cross from Waio name is famous in The world. He began to frequent electronic music parties and around the world each big electric syllable, become the most recognized one of the hottest new DJ. In February 2018 by pop more Armin van buuren invited in Utrecht in the Netherlands A STATE OF TRANCE, 800 to participate in the performance. The Netherlands is the most big station all ASOT, ? refs