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法国+塞尔维亚实验电子音乐人:L~N & KSNKST
上海市, China
18.05.2019 at 01:00 PM
EVENT: Space World feat L~N & KSNKST DATE: Saturday, May 18, 2019 TICKETS: Free entry VENUE: Dada Shanghai DJ’s: L~N, KSNKST Our old friends L~N and KSNKST are returning to DADAShanghai again! ! ! L~N (Live electronic music / DJ) L~N uses various sound design technics to create live music atmospheres. Sampling real time instruments, objects and synthesizers, inspired by the moment and the environment, he composes unique sounds and rhythmic musical elements. His DJ sets are powerful and hypnotic, from bass, beats, techno to electronica and IDM, he scans the abstract musical scope with wild transitions to perform original dance mixes. KSNKST Techno head. Industrial-curious. Electro perv. Intergalactic FM addict. Bandcamp leech. Soulseek hoarder. Part-time synth toucher. Made in 1983. Balkan boi. Cat person. Beatmaching since season 1 of Futurama. Scorpio. Likes avocados. Amongst notable releases are a remix of the cult Serbian Electro/EBM outfit Margita Je Mrtva that came out on the 'U Sjeni Neona' remix EP, alongside Zarkoff, Le Chocolat Noir and others, as well as a collaboration with close friend and producer Mekonin that was featured on the first ever release of the Serbian underground experimental label 93.93.
Techno Drum & Bass Pop Dance / Euro Hip Hop Minimal