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Gully Riddim presents Kieran Loftus (US / PTP Records)
上海市, China
12.07.2019 at 09:00 PM
EVENT: Gully Riddim presents Kieran Loftus (US / PTP Records) DJs: Kieran Loftus, ALK, Alex Wang, Zean DATE: Friday, July 12, 2019 VENUE: Dada Shanghai STYLE: Techno / Grime / Dancehall / Footwork Gully Riddim is coming back to Dada again with their new friend Kieran Loftus on the 12th of July. Kieran Loftus can usually be found surrounded by attractive company and lush beard behind the decks. A loyal member of NYC-based collective PTP, Kieran’s productions are distinct enough to traverse the Atlantic—his sound splices Metro-area field recordings and drops of his own baritone voice into an energetic club bounce. His Hands Of The Year mixtape, 20 original tracks of "high-octane rave", has solidified him as a staple in the underground club scene; garnering numerous accolades including a 9/10 review in Mixmag. Boasting three European tours and headlining in Tokyo to his number one fans, Kieran plans to release his long-anticipated vocal project in 2019. All night weird Techno, Grime, Dancehall, Footwork, and Ambient music... Kieran Loftus Bread's bookings over the past 2 years have more or less been an amalgamation of Kieran Loftus collaborators -- he released "All Yaw Tracks Wack" with 2016 guest Supraman and "She Killed it But She Ugly" with 2015 guest Patrick Brian. In fact, founders Prawns and Cage A first found Botaz from a remix he did for "All Black Outfit." Kieran is now our 5th guest from Gang Fatale after Sheen, Neana, Bleaker, and Riz Fresco, and our 3rd from PTP after Celestial Trax and Endgame. It's only fitting that he joins us, two years later, making his SF debut on a one-stop tour. ALK As an emerging musician, Kilo Vee’s passion for the music of local crews SVBKVLT and Push & Pull led him to pursue DJing from 2015, at which time he had a residency at Kin. Fast forward to 2016, and you can catch Kilo tearing up the dance floor at the Shelter, he already shared the booth with artists like Bok Bok, Taso, Kode9 RP Boo,Budamunk,GroovemanSpot,andNxxxxxs. Alex Wang Alex Wang is an electronic producer born in Northeast China, primarily influenced by experimental noise, electronica, metal, and film soundtracks, the project sets to convey the confusion over utopian society.  A student of Recording Art at China’s Central Conservatory of Music, as well as Computer Music Composition at the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, Wang’s output takes source from both academics and the underground music scene.  In 2017, Wang's 1st EP “Black Dragon” was released under Beijing-based electronic label, Do Hits. Since then, his collaborations have included the likes of Howie Lee, YUEN HSIEH , YEHAIYAHAN , and JON WANG.  Wang made his ZOOM LENS debut with his 2nd EP “0%” in 2019 ZEAN Zean is a music producer and DJ who lives in Shanghai. Currently he is trying to abandon the orderly and sequenced sounds, and blend the unrelated sounds into one place naturally. You can expect a lot of different music from him whether it is Grime, Jungle, Techno, Trap or Ambient.
Techno Drum & Bass Pop Dance / Euro Hip Hop Minimal