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Hologram Dreams 全息梦境
上海市, China
22.02.2019 at 09:00 PM
EVENT:Hologram Dreams DATE:Friday, February 22, 2019 VENUE:Dada Shanghai TICKETS:Free entry Dj's:Heatwolves, IIIsee "A voyage from funk into the future…" DJs Heatwolves and special guest Illsee (Stockholm Syndrome / aqualung) take Dada's dancefloor on a hyperloop journey from City-Pop, Italo Disco, and Chicago House into New Wave, Electro, and cybernetic madness. Seminal classics, brand new sounds, unknown pleasures, and rare anime visuals. Free entry. Heatwolves: As the writer, illustrator, and founder of surreal Shanghai art and music platform, Love Bang, holds down monthly residencies at Elevator Shanghai (Love Bang), Le Baron Shanghai (BARBARISM), and Dada Shanghai (Hologram Dreams) and sometimes tours KTVs out of town.  IIIsee: Illsee is another young DJ based in Shanghai who seems to have grown up with and inside the now shuttered club The Shelter, which last summer morphed into a new club called ALL and has taken most of its crew with it. Illsee actually works at ALL now, and her heavy electro-industrial sets can be caught there regularly.
Drum & Bass Hip Hop Minimal Pop Dance / Euro Techno
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