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上海市, China
11.09.2019 at 01:00 PM
Looking for something unique to spice up your Wednesday night? We always live UP to your expectations, and tonight is no exception. Everyone has that one tattoo they’ve always wanted, but never had the time to get. You don’t have to be one of those people any longer! Come get Inked UP by our extremely talented tattoo artist, Danny Zhu, who will be turning your ideas into reality for FREE from 9PM-12AM. Working in the tattoo industry for 7 years now, Danny offers a wide variety of tattoo styles to best suit your needs, and specializes in old school, geometric, and realistic designs. With a DJ lineup packed full of international talents we’ve got all the ingredients for an unforgettable night. Looking forward to seeing you there! - DJ LINE UP - LEFTFIELD AVENUE 'Leftfield Avenue' is a producer/dj act from Budapest, Hungary who defies categorization. The duo is many things: DJ, music producer, classical pianist, event promoter, arts expert and a central figure at Asia's blooming nightlife scene. The guys' repertoire is made with a palpable passion and cover a cultured cross section of essentials from house and disco to world music and techno. The music they serve up comes from a place of love and knowledge in equal measure - there are no cheap thrills with 'Leftfield Avenue', just pure musical joy. IGA Hailing from Ukraine, successful DJ IGA has been traveling the world developing unique and energetic electronic music for years. Utilizing her love for the art of underground music, IGA showers crowds with bassy beats and good vibes, effortlessly flowing through songs that make you move. Since 2013, IGA has performed at countless nightclubs, music festivals, and high-tier private events. She brought her craft to Shanghai just three years ago, but quickly rose to fame, and is now a popular name in the local nightlife scene. If you’re looking for good music and a good time, look no further than IGA!
UP Shanghai