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 Italian Dance Wave Asia
上海市, China
23.03.2019 at 09:00 PM
EVENT:  Italian Dance Wave Asia DATE: Saturday, March 23, 2019 VENUE: DADA Shanghai DJ’s: Altieri, KayTV LIVE, Velvet Robot TICKETS:Free entry "ITALIAN DANCE WAVE Asia" promote the new Italian sound from overseas in Asia hosting name like Fabrizio Mammarella, Francisco, Rodion, Franz Scala, Dj Rocca, Brioski and so on, plus new and exciting artists around Asia. I.D.W. Asia is the Asian sister of Slow Motion records who has created one of the most significant realities committed to dance music and club culture since 2005, organizing countless events and festival. Many events were hosted in many different cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Hong Kong Berlin, Milan, Madrid and now is expanding in more and more city in China Mainland. I.D.W. Asia takes the discussion to the next level, while tracing a line of continuity through the years where the dance floor exploded (thanks to Moroder, Baldelli, Alexander Robotnick), through the clubs between the '70s and '80s that were awakened in Italy, they're getting into Chicago house, slow disco, and more contemporary genres. KAYTV (aka TAGGE) is a French music producer and beat maker, playing live a variety of instruments and machines. His sound combines elements of breakbeat, experimental and dub. Living in Shanghai for a decade, he is spreading his music projects around China and Japan. Heavily in music production for twenty years, he recently cooperated for edit and remix with European label Pingipung. ALTIERI (Slow Motion Records / Italian Dance Wave) Eugenio Altieri is a music producer and designer based in Shanghai. Born in Napoli, Altieri produces music for Slow motion Record an Italian label based in Berlin who’s aim is to promote a new wave of sound inspired from the 80s but with a more contemporary vision. His music is defined by Asian vibes and Cyberpunk feeling mixed with his ITALO spirits and played and supported by many international artists such as Ivan Smagghe, Optimo, Alexander Robotnik, Dj Rocca and others. The style of is productions is a combination of lo-fi “field’ recordings with modern and retro music technologies, to create a unique and organic sound. Altieri is also a Slow Motion man in Asia, he hosts one of the hottest party in Shanghai and Beijing "ITALIAN DANCE WAVE Asia" to promote the “New Italian Sound” from overseas, hosting all the contemporary generation of Italo artists such as Fabrizio Mammarella, Francisco, Rodion, Franz Scala, Dj Rocca and so on, plus new and exciting artists around Asia.   beside Shanghai and Beijing I.D.W.Asia has been also hosted in many different cities like such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Berlin, Milan, Madrid and now is expanding also in different cities in China Mainland. VELVET ROBOT (Synth Crush) Born in Taiwan, Velvet Robot is a slave of the desk, working hard with happy tears on weekdays, but switching to a music player on weekends. Keeping natural grey hair, she was a fangirl of New Wave/ Cold Wave when in school band, and also strongly influenced by retro futurism, science fiction, and INTERGALACTIC FM (CBS), Velvet Robot conjoins Italo, Electro, Cosmic, Synth pop, and occasionally, mixing Asian or African elements unpredictably. Running “Synth Crush” party series, she also played warm-up sets for Legowelt, Horse Meat Disco, Honey Sound System, Bell Towers, etc.
Techno Drum & Bass Pop Dance / Euro Hip Hop Minimal
Performing DJS