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Neon Zoo
北京市, China
14.10.2016 at 08:51 PM
The NB Noise team rock up to the newly renovated REC room in Sanlitun, for their award winning, wild and wonderful Neon Zoo. This time, they will be recording all the madness and live streaming to the world! Release you inner party animal! THE TALENT 22:00-23:00 - DANNY & EL-MAR 23:00-01:00 - ERIC LEE 01:00-03:00 - OU YANG 03:00-END - ROWAN Visuals by LONE LIGHT. WHAT IS NEON ZOO? For the uninitiated Neon Zoo is NB Noise’s signature UV/neon/fluorescent party. The NB Noise team has been throwing their most famous event Since 2013. Neon Zoo is a test ground for NB Noises latest ideas, whether it’s new decoration, gifts, face/body paint artists, lighting, effects or visuals, there’s always something new to experience at each event. The team has pushed boundaries with UV technology you’ll find the brightest and most powerful UV lighting at their events. Custom visuals are provided by their in house VJ “Lone Light”. The NB Noise residents Danny Flora & El-mar with support from local and international DJs provide a strictly EDM free music policy, only techy, progressive, deep or minimal beats are permitted. Neon Zoo is an outlet for creativity, whether you’re painting yourselves, animal masks or each other on site with the complimentary neon/fluorescent paint. A Neon Zoo party allows you to be more than a passive bystander. #BENB
Techno Bass House
Performing DJS
over 4 years ago
Spencer Tarring
Anything else you would like to see on this page?g
over 4 years ago
Spencer Tarring
Looks pretty cool