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上海市, China
23.05.2019 at 09:00 PM
EVENT: ON  DATE: Thursday, May 23, 2019 VENUE: Dada Shanghai DJs: Thomas Futoso , Edison Chen, Liquid Mechanics, Man Alive Vj: 念子轩 TICKETS: Free entry "Werkout" project is a group of based in Shanghai artists from all around the world who focused on Music and Video. On Thursday, May 23 they will do their showcase in DADA Shanghai. "ON" is all about old and new House, Techno, Electro and Acid. Dj's Thomas Futoso  Born in Frankfurt/Germany based since 2014 in Shanghai. Touring all around China, playing in clubs like Elevator, Loopy, Tag or Lantern and introducing Shanghai to the significant Romanian house music. Thomas has built up a name for himself and the music experience he stands for. Edison Chen  Edison Chen based in shanghai. Music director of The Mansion Shanghai. His music style is influenced by Many great artists from West Germany and Romanian Sunwaves festival. He and Thomas Futoso has been played with Einzelkind (Pressure Traxx) at Elevator Shanghai. Liquid Mechanics Liquid Mechanics is a Moscow based producer and DJ who has been involved in music since 2006. Mainly inspired by artists like Faithless, Bonobo, Mala, Dday One, Olof Melander, etc. Liquid Mechanics works in different styles of music mashing up together Techno, Trip-Hop, and Lounge. The artist constantly expands his field experimenting with different types of equipment starting from old drum-machines to field recording and synth sounds. Deeply believing that natural occurrence is the basis for everything including sound matters Liquid Mechanics is always bringing something new with each of his tracks. Recently switching to more organic kind of sounds in solo releases he also largely takes part in collaborations with techno, house and trip-hop artists from other cities and countries. After releasing several EPs on different net-labels (Mareld, E-Project) he is now working tightly on the lo-fi techno album, which is going to be out by the end of the year. Links: Man Alive Man Alive is a Russian Dj from Moscow. His music preferences mainly lay for different kinds of old-school House and Techno. He has been playing on the same stage with names like Moritz von Oswald, Jon Kennedy, and Dj Calm. He does maintain parties at DADA Shanghai called "ON" and "Way out East" dedicated for a different kind of music.  Man Alive's Terra Nova set: Vj: Nian ZiXuan Nian ZiXuan, Visual programming & Audio sound reactive artist. An expert in the profession of using cross-platform coding, Creativity design using data analysis into projection mapping content, main focus into camera calibration, interactive design. Express the idea by turning them into a programming language. From 2012 till now, the main producers are in the new media stage performance and have a certain understanding of the stage project,  It mainly uses on art or design, such as camera positioning system, virtual reality, augmented reality, computer graphics, creates visual art by writing code. From 2016 to the present, I participated in art exhibitions as well as a new media pro.
Techno Drum & Bass Pop Dance / Euro Hip Hop Minimal
Performing DJS