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Party In Blue
西安市, China
16.08.2019 at 06:00 AM
炎炎夏日,周末怎么过? 一个人与空调为伴?与朋友相约午后? Hot summer, how to spend the weekend? Alone with air conditioning? Afternoon with a friend? 享受生活美一刻,分享欢乐夜色! 这个夏天,我们的夜晚是蓝色! 这是1664啤酒从法国带来的优雅派对,欢乐共享。 Enjoy the beautiful moment of life, share the happy night! This summer, our nights are blue! This is 1664 beer from France brought elegant party, joy sharing. PAPAYAX 08/15日 1664 法蓝派对 告别一周工作压力 远离城市钢筋水 做回最纯粹、真实的自己 犒赏每一个值得的瞬间 KIR ROYAL 来自俄罗斯,美貌与实力兼具的女神 DJ KIR ROYAL ,身高 185cm,金色头发&深蓝色的眼睛美丽的脸庞和妖娆的身线,令她很快享有了世界级的知名度。 From Russia, DJ KIR ROYAL, a goddess of beauty and strength, is 185cm tall, with blond hair & dark blue eyes, beautiful face and enchanting body line, which soon made her enjoy world-class popularity. 五岁便进入音乐学校学习舞蹈和钢琴,因此累积了非常深厚的音乐功底与表演实力。 At the age of five, I entered music school to study dance and piano, so I have accumulated a very deep music foundation and performance strength. KIR ROYAL 足迹片及欧亚各大城市,她的作品在白俄罗斯的播放记录超过1.4万次。她的表演涉及不同类型的音乐:Electro House, Jungle Terror, Electronica, Hard Style and Trap。 KIR ROYAL, whose works have been played more than 14,000 times in belarus. Her performances involved different types of music: Electro House, Jungle Terror, Electronica, Hard Style and Trap.
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