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Wonky Kong pres. Katie Cooper 五一假期派对开跑!
上海市, China
01.05.2019 at 05:00 AM
EVENT: Wonky Kong pres. Katie Cooper 五一假期派对开跑! DATE: Tuesday, 30 April 2019 VENUE: Dada Shanghai DJs: Katie Cooper, jiruin1l, Siesta TICKETS: FREE ENTRY Kick off May Holiday with a special Wonky Kong femme fatale lineup including Manchester bad gal Katie Cooper, Youngblood jiruin1l and Wong Kong boss lady Siesta for a night of the best in UK Bass, UK Funky, Afrobeats and more. KATIE COOPER Growing up in Manchester with sound system culture and being heavily involved in the UK scene before she relocated, Katie Cooper came out with a bang in Shenzhen and shook its youth with her enviable collection of grime, dubstep and UK funky music.  Cooper's versatility and foundation in UK bass music has made her a solid contender in China’s booming electronic music scene, where you can find her smashing it out in clubs, parties and warehouses around South China, plus the region's most talked-about venue, Oil Club Shenzhen. In a short period of time, Cooper has also garnered attention from other regions in Asia in 2018, where she was invited to DJ in Japan for the second time in 2018 to perform in cities Tokyo, Osaka and Kochi.  Artists she has supported include: Goth-Trad, Murlo, Madam X, Nina Las Vegas, Truth, Gundam, Swing Ting, DJ Soda, Loefah, Elijah & Skillam, Royal-T and more. jiruin1l Jirui Lin, better known by her wechat ID Eichhörnchen. She played at various venues ranging from local clubs to Ayi Square Dance. Her sets mix techno, dry humor and Afro/tribal house/hard drum. Strongly influenced by recent footwork and grime she explores the linear, sound of Rmb rooted somewhere in the nineties. Good trips guaranteed. SIESTA Dubbed the “Queen of Drum’n’Bass” in China; Siesta’s passion for collecting records dated back in 1999, when she started out as the only promoter putting on a series of world-class drum’n’bass parties in HK. The rise of drum'n'bass in Shanghai is evident, and her collective "PHREAKTION" plays a crucial part of making it happen. “PHREAKTION” was set up in the summer of 1999 in Hong Kong and later moved to Shanghai in 2005, and sinced then the started the seminal drum'n'bass party brand "Sweatshop", playing host to every one from Andy C, Roni Size, to Goldie, Fabio, Marky, Pendulum, Scratch Perverts, LTJ Bukem, London Elektricity, just to name a few. 2008 saw Siesta reach yet another pinnacle moment in her DJ career when she was invited to attend the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona, making her the first person to represent China. In 2009 she started a new offshoot called WONKY KONG, aiming to promote the emerging sounds of UK dance music.
Techno Drum & Bass Pop Dance / Euro Hip Hop Minimal
Performing DJS