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上海市, China
19.09.2019 at 09:00 PM
EVENT: XIA|下 DATE: Thursday, 19 September 2019 TICKETS: Free entry VENUE: Dada Shanghai DJs: Roo, Aktüman, Ancient Alias On September 19th its time once more for XIA. Please join and enjoy an evening of mellow vibes, dancing and incense.  Roo James Lealand aka Roo is known for being able to turn his hand to almost any style, running the gamut of all the variants of techno, through drum & bass to future sounds. As a promoter his nights have found regular homes at Dada, Logo, Lune and The Shelter (RIP), yet he has also graced the decks at venues like Lola, M18, Arkham, MYST Amber, a residency at M1NT etc and has been a mainstay at MIDI Festival. For his appearance at XIA | 下 Roo will delve deep into his more ambient selections; expect a deep and driving journey through liquid drum and bass, chill step and halftime bass. A rare opportunity to get a glimpse into the downtempo mind of one of Shanghai’s most industrious artists! Aktüman Xavier Collet-Garand, or小加 in Chinese, hails from Montréal in Canada.His DJ name references "Act Human", meaning both the idea of "being good to people” and also to "try to understand earthlings" as he can feel from another planet sometimes!!  Aktüman has not been behind the decks for long, however but he has been going to festivals for about a decade. Being a global traveller and experiencing different cultures as well as  and being  a massive music fan he always seeks new exotic sounds,underground artists and unknown raritiesto add to his collection. Founding member of XIA, he plays the whole spectrum of psybient, from deep bass dub to progressive trance vibes.  Ancient Alias Ancient Alias is the DJ project of South African-born Fabian Goodwin. He was introduced to the electronic dance music culture in the mid-90's, and attended his first raves in Cape Town in 1999/2000, when uplifting, progressive, and hard trance was the order of the day. Fabian's DJ career started in Shenzhen in early 2018, working with Benjy Lee (DJ Third Wave) and others. Primarily playing psytrance, he has since played at indoor parties and festivals in China, and South Africa. Fabian joined the XIA collective at it's inception as a VJ and DJ, playing downtempo and progressive sounds, incorporating dub, psybient and world music.  He signed to GoaProductions in February 2019, as a label DJ. He believes that music is the transmutation of conscious inspiration, thought and idea into vibrational energetic waves, connecting us in an ocean of imagination, creation, feeling and expression. Let us frolic in the sea of limitlessness and love.
Techno Drum & Bass Pop Dance / Euro Hip Hop Minimal