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Ternary Recordings
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Ternary Recordings on Sep-07, 2015

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Ternary Recordings, the label of Turkish trance-duo Burak & Emre, joined forces with british record company Equinox Recordings as a sub label in late 2013. The label, set up in Novemeber 2013, is home to high quality trance releases by some of the worlds most talented and passionate producers. Burak & Emre:With the Equinox team behind us we feel Ternary Recordings can grow at an boostly expanding phaze, and can help boosting the label amongst the best in the scene. Burak Akcay & Emre Akcay, working under the Burak & Emre guise, became known for their characteristic, uplifting trance sound. Tracks such as Revival, Galata, Light Craft turned Burak & Emre into one of the most popular producer-duos in the dance scene. Having a keen ear for new talent and good music, Burak & Emre started Ternary Recordings with the mission to help build and strengthen the trance scene and share their love for this genre. All that with an Turkish flavour. Burak & Emre:We are very proud to be from Turkey and weve also got other artists on the label from Turkey. The Turkish theme is unlike anything done before.