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About this track A new year and a new look for Kenja Records, as Ronnie prepares to release his first single of the year - Black Soul. Ronnies back, providing yet another tech driven bomb to his very own Kenja Records. This time around, hes accompanied by Javi Bora; whos production skills in 2016, have earned him the recognition he deserves. Ronnie takes things a little darker on this one, with tight shuffling percussion work and that deep bassline which weve grown to love. Meanwhile, peppered with more of a carnival feel, Javi Bora adds a little more tempo to the track, which encourages the hi hats along nicely. A great release featuring 2 gifted producers who are renowned throughout the industry for their prowess in tech house & techno, gift us with two equally damaging renditions of Black Soul. Distributed by Strikeforce 360 Media