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As we edge even closer to our fiftieth release, we want to recap on some firm favs here at EP HQ. We got a lot of shades of what we love covered across these 12 missiles, from Belfast man Bobby Analog's absolutely disco ball smasher Luvwomanboogie which is guaranteed to kick start the party every single time to Bubba and T-Bone's 80s electro inspired collab Bloodline with Abe Duque via Chris Hanna's robust Workhorse to Stop, Stop a vocal gem from Martin De Brig that comes over like a lost Chi-town classic. Toronto's Hermans, London based Cromby and our man JC bring the acid while MDVS, G-Cue & Slurrp bump and jack the groove. JMX & De Sluwe Vos provide lush electronics, leaving Kastil to crack out some techno at the party on his rub for Timmy P. As always there is a lot of ground covered in our various artist releases so what ever your tastes are, there is hopefully something to please.