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Every independent personality man had a lonely soul, every lonely soul needs a suitable place to heal, music is our best choice. Listen, dialogue with him, let your alone and pain of soul avoid exposed wind and rain to get quiet rest. Guyskool AKA DJ Bobby, started his DJ career from 1995, as Bobby learned to play piano at a very young age, he has encountered the electronic music in 1999, and was invited to be the guest DJ alongside Paul Oakenfold's first show in China. Bobby has been living in Ko Phangan Thailand till 2003, at that time, he found his passion for Psy-trance music, since then he has dedicated himself to promote this pioneer music genre.People who are familiar with Bobby will affectionately call him Uncle Bob,In 1996 he first time became a spokesman for Giant bicycles as a DJ for the 1ST time, in 2001 Shanghai ICS TV invited Bobby to their program and aired their interview. Bobby has appeared in countless parties and events.
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over 3 years ago
Digital Manual Transmission
Lynn 11, 2 Tracks