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Atlantica used to be a super continent million years ago, it is now the compilation that Nomada Records have put on the table. It explores the different concepts and statics that go from disco to techno and individual explorations that the contemporary dance floor offers. Nomada Records introduces its second compilation titled Atlantica II, and as a tradition has decided to release tracks of his own artists: Felipe Gordon, Discoholycs, Lucien Magual, or Nico, including also special guests from the likes of Lunate, Zombies in Miami, Mijo, Moo Moonster, Fran Deeper & James Rod, VanDoorn or Alixander III, artists that has shared the path with Nomada. Atlantica is the interpretation of the dance floor, the exploration of the electronic music that emerges from the club and position itself in the concrete of latinoamerica. We welcome you to listen Atlantica IIa compilation from Nomada Records to the world.