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WERK IT OUT EP MYLA X DAFUSIA's electronic vocal fusion of diverse beats, pop taste & soulful vocals ranges from driving euro & world beats to rnb, hip hop flavor that stretches as far as eerie trip-hop, dub & edgy industrial gains. WERK IT OUT This tune's driving dubstep skeleton keeps you hoppin' while MYLA's massive vocal melodies and harmony's are always changing gears. Pop-Step-Set-GO. EVERY SPACE MYLA X DAFUSIA keep it fresh with this song's Indian string licks, world rhythms and big electronic beats. MYLA's vintage vocals and DAFUSIA's dressings, allow you to put this song on repeat and still feel a craving for more. BLANK DAFUSIA's eerie post dub, trip-hop production with MYLA's aching vocals, beg for more when breaking out into it's industrial Nine Inch Nails style echo of an ending.