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We're about to end March and elrow Music is doing it celebrating big time, as this compilation marks our label's 100th release! Being a huge landmark as it is, there is nothing better than doing it in honor of one of the hugest weeks for the electronic music industry: Miami's Winter Music Conference. Opening this 12 track compilation we have Vibrations (Original Mix)' by Estonian twin bros Bombossa Brothers, a strong, physical track, with heavy percussion, a great vocal line, perfect for putting some energy in Miami'sdancefloors. It is followed by Acid Vibes', another banger by Cristian Merino, a track with a perfect structure for any moment, with an amazing vocal loop going all along the track and great acid effects. Then we get to the real deal of this record: Eskuche&Mirko Di Florio's Out Of Time (Original Mix)', a truly outstanding work by this pair, especially the extraterrestrial synth line that goes all along the song, beside its wonderful FX and soft percussion that will make the caribbean crowds go crazy. The next highlight of the comp is Javi Bora's Okay Girl (Original Mix)', a track with a sexy male vocal line, which fills it with a lustful vibe, completed with an amazing percussion work, a great inspiration for Miami's great electronic week. Another great work is Hauswerk's Bass To Mouth (Original Mix)', a track that has a firm groovy sound that you will immediately associate with elrow'...