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Acumen is back with another fine offering called Feminin. The EP features three new tracks and this time the Time has Changed boss steps away from his own label to release on Non Stop. Acumen is still riding high off the success of his latest album and now really impresses once more. Ideal Feminin starts us off and gets freaky with percolating synths, insistent stabs and bleeping melodies that all fry your brain and get every synapse in your body firing. Panier de Crabe then gets more freaky, with weird synth lines and paranoid moods circling above turbulent drums. Vocals also get stitched into the arrangement and the whole thing is tense and absorbing. Last of all Envieuse is seven seductive minutes of bass driven house music with thundering claps, expressive synth patterns and dark energy all pervading the groove. This is another accomplished and inventive EP that is sure to make its mark.