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LYD on Jun-26, 2015
About this track
Machete Gold is calling out to all Future House lovers to report for duty. At 0400 hours an unknown enemy has tried to shut the party down. As a response, Machete Gold has sent their two best skilled soldiers to the battlefield to save the party from shutting down. These soldiers are code-named Robby East & WLLMS (Mike Williams). After an extensive record of deployments, the enemy now sure knows who their biggest foes are. After entering the club at ETA 0415 hours, their main objective is to take position behind the turntables and plug in their latest high-tech weapons: their USBs. These USBs contain a toxic formula to keep the people on their feet and marching on on the dance floor. Make sure to support our troops and give a humble salute to our finest soldiers: Robby East and WLLMS!