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FEEDBACKS: VINNY DA VINCI (Metro FM): For DA Floor!!! DJ MANNIX (Tillate Magazine): Afro Mix does it! HALLEX M (United Music Records): Nice mix! RICHARD ROBERTS: (BBC): Classic Vivona... deep dubby with exceptional vocals. KENNY CARPENTER: I love Luca's Afro Mix. GROOVE ASSASSIN: Nice pack of mixes! SONEEC: Dope! MICHAEL FOSSATI (Spirit Of House): Blazin' hot afrocentric rework by DJ Vivona is a sure-fire dance floor weapon... JUST MO (YFM Radio): Dope vocal track... STEVE SHAW (Pure Rhythm Radio): Always liked these guys work and this one delivers again. Vivona deep mix the pick of the the bunch for me, thanks. SARAH FAVOURITIZM (Fav Promotion): A pretty song, but I prefer both deeper mixes. Vialocal is really interesting! :) ANTONIO OCASIO (Tribawinds Records): Funky! IAN FRIDAY: Nice tune. DJ POPE: Will support. CRAIG STEWART: Beautiful deepness throughout - great work, thx. HIPPIE TORRALES: Real nice mixes. CEE ELASSAAD: Nice remixes in here! You guys make my love for house bigger and bigger. EDDIE BOOM (Handzon Radio): Very nicely done! Vialocal mix for me, very nice. I will be rockin this one. DJ MFR (Transport Recordings): Nice! Full support from me! MYXZLPLIX (Subdivision Global Radioshow): Vivona stretches his talents and soundscapes well here. All the remixes work for me. Another solid release. DEEP IN RADIO: Powerful grooves! JACOB SOLOMON (Critter Creates): This is the best release so far, absolutely loving the original and the ...