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Ready Mix Records on May-02, 2016
About this track
We're back with the 20th edition of our 'Already Mixed' compilation series, compiled and mixed by UK's Tom Lown. With over 50 releases under his belt on such great labels as Lost My Dog, DeepWit Recordings, UM Records, Savoir Faire and our very own Ready Mix Records, Tom is also known for his 'Lucky Sun' moniker and runs his own label 'Lucky Sun Recordings'. He delivers a flawlessly hot mix of his favourite tunes from our group of labels. His selection includes originals and remixes by Indio Qmusse & Dubaa, Forteba, Alvaro Hylander, Moti Brothers, Moe Turk, Spennu, Matt Prehn, Ellroy, Fabien Kamb, The Timewriter, Tibor Dragan, Marco Grandi as well as his 'Looking for the Sun Dub' remix of Kiano & Below Bangkok's 'Love & Happiness'. Between the old and the new, our compilation series continue to show the diversity and uniqueness of our artists & DJ's, our quality, our vibe and most importantly, our sonic history & sound evolution throughout the years. Welcome to the world of Ready Mix through the ears and skills of Tom Lown! Enjoy!