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YING Verb. be successful or victorious in (a contest or conflict). synonyms: come first in, finish first in, be victorious in, triumph in, take first prize in, achieve success in, be successful in, prevail in; informal wrap up come first, finish first, be the winner, be victorious, be the victor, carry/ win the day, carry all before one, defeat/ overcome the opposition, take the honours/ crown, gain the palm, come out ahead, come out on top, succeed, triumph, prevail, achieve mastery; sweep the board, make a clean sweep; "she was determined to win those racks, skurrrt skurrt." Al Rocco tells a story about the engine behind his winnings in life; brotherhood, family, love, the real things that motivates his successes. Representing his roots as a new Chinese, Rocco challenges himself by bringing us his first bilingual single in Mandarin & English "YING 赢”.