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Underground Avenue Records is a digital label with coverage for all websites. Our goal is to discover new artists, providing quality musical productions and make their work reach all online stores and have the support of veteran artists: David Moreno, Florian Gasperini, Oz Romita, Geremy Barrios, Viloxysound, Mario Piazza Basilio de la fuente, Dany Cohiba, Sumo Hadji, etc ... At the forefront of this initiative are the dj's and producers Barcelonians: Dj Desk One and Joe Black koko (Label Managers of White Island Recordings) and a long list of producers and collaborators that one time or another have worked throughout his long career. From White Island Recordings felt the need to bring about all freshness and quality to the music scene due to the good work of artists who work with us, and let them recreate space for their creativity, searching for sounds Underground. From our birth in 2010 to date, White Island Recordings has 110 productions in the market and has worked or has received support / support from Hernan Cattaneo, Pole Folder, Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo, Peter Gelderblom, Jose Maria Ramon, Francesco Farfa, Coyu, Los Suruba, and a long list of very great professional