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Elements 北京
The Finest Nightlife Experience in Beijing
北京市, China
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about 2 years ago
Spencer Tarring
Nice club
About Elements 北京
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Element Club, located in the luxurious east side of Beijing, is the next generation in nightlife and event venue. Element Club 's modern, organic design oozes sex appeal that has taken our nightlife experience to the next level. For a corporate event, networking function, or casual night outs, the international, chic, and sophisticated venue offers not only food services, beverage options, but also event and bottle services. Our Karaoke rooms and VIP Lounge are also loved by many of our supporters and fans. At Element Club, we provide the best environment and entertainment as a whole. The finest party and nightlife experience is what we aim to excel. No other club in Beijing can offer such a completely unique and exciting experience.