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Le Baron 上海
Le Baron Shanghai
上海市, China
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Released on Nov-15, 2017
About Le Baron 上海
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Today experts suggest that China’s unprecedented growth might be tapering off, but Le Baron, a chain of nightclubs by French graffiti Andre Saraiva, thumbs its nose at such predictions. If you want a sense that these are still the boom years in China’s most dynamic city, this club is where you need to be. Decked out in red wherever the eye falls and accompanied by the club’s signature disorientating eye pattern, Le Baron exudes style and exclusivity. That finds its way through to the establishment’s notoriously fickle door policy, but once you're inside withe the lucky few you can tell that this is somewhere different. As you know back Le Baron’s signature cocktails, DJs —— usually local but occasionally from overseas —— play a crowd-pleasing mix of tracks that stays just the right side of cool without being cutting edge or alienating. With a recently opened terrace and set of KTV rooms (each with their own intriguing interior design), Shanghai’s hottest club bumps the city’s nightlife scene up a notch.
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