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Hello friends welcome to our space + music info. White Island recordings is a record label digital coverage for all websites. Our goal is to discover new artists and to provide quality musical productions and make their work reach all the shops on line and have the support of veteran artists: David Moreno, Florian Gasperini, Oz Romita, Geremy Barrios, Viloxysound, Mario Plaza, Basilio de la Fuente, Dany Cohiba, etc ... At the forefront of this initiative are the dj's and producers from Barcelona: Dj Desk One and Joe Black koko and a long list of DJs and producers that one time or another have worked throughout his long career. From our birth in 2010 to date, White Island Recordings has 110 productions in the market and has worked or has received support from: Hernan Cattaneo, Pole Folder, Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo, Peter Gelderblom, Jose Maria Ramon, Francesco Farfa, Coyu, Los Suruba, Julien Stacker, Ministry Of Sound / Hed Kandi World Series Barcelona, and a very great number of professionals. Thanks for helping us grow and share this musical space! See you in the dance floor, Music Is The Answer! Hola amigos bienvenidos a nuestro espacio +info musical. White island recordings es un sello discografico digital con cobertura para todos los portales de Internet. Nuestro objetivo es descubrir nuevos artistas y aportar producciones musicales de calidad y lograr que sus trabajos lleguen a todas las tiendas on line y que tengan el soporte de artistas mas veteranos com...